Arraafah Corporation is committed voluntarily to support society in many different ways. We focus on fields of support that will on the long term build people's knowledge and capabilities, instead of short term support of providing foods and medicines, although still given focus.

We execute all the CSR activities via our subsidiary organisation, Yassin Charitable Association.

Yassin Charitable Association (YCA)

A charitable non-profit organisation established in 1986 under the supervision of the late Mr. Yassin Ahmed Kaid aiming to improve the community’s quality of life through education and healthcare. It also ensures helping the poor and needy in Yemen. The association works under the umbrella of Arraafah Corporation led by Mr. Madian Yassin, the CEO.

At YCA, we believe that the people are the basis of any constructive society and we always aim to improve and support them through education, food and health programs.

In this context, YCA commits to doing the following:

  • Establishing classes for children under the age of 5 teaching them the principles of reading and writing.
  • Improve access to education by building new schools in areas that crucially require them. We also maintain old and existing schools by equipping them with modern facilities that ensure a higher quality of education.
  • Encouraging talented students and sponsoring their high school and university studies.
  • Improving the teacher’s capabilities in delivering the best educational output quantitatively and qualitatively by providing and sponsoring development workshops and seminars with the attendance of qualified consultants in these fields.
  • Supporting physical activities amongst students to ensure building healthy bodies and minds and improving their readiness to education.
  • Targeting and supporting families with low income financially in order to ensure that they do not stop their children from receiving education and encouraging them to work instead.
  • Distributing school bags and books to students with low income.

In addition to education, YCA focuses on the following:

  • Fighting against poverty by providing people with ways to earn money and start small business such as providing them with sewing machines, beauty shops, grocery shops etc. We also provide the people with the required training to maintain such businesses.
  • Fighting against hunger by regular distribution of food amongst areas of poverty around Yemen.
  • Fighting against disease by collaborating with Arra’afah Corporation and distributing medication in WASH programs, awareness campaigns and medical donations.
  • The association financially supports 2000 orphans in Yemen until they reach the age of 18.