Sales & Distribution

Arraafah depends on a highly experienced and well-trained sales team in sales and distribution. The well-established sales infrastructure like the ERP system, customer service department, distribution vehicles and Arraafah smart phone application have all contributed in making Arraafah one of the biggest distributors in the market with the highest efficiency in distribution.

Arraafah works with around 1500 customer data base scattered over the 21 Yemen governorates. Being one of our values, we give great attention to reaching patients with our high quality brands. In the time that wholesalers are dominating the market, Arraafah's strategy is to maximise direct sale to retailers on behalf of wholesalers in order to ensure quality, reach and affordable prices.

Arraafah is the first and the only distributor who designed a smartphone application to support customer service and Pharmaco-Vigilance practices working 24\7.

  •    Our Vision
  •    Our Mission

To become the number one pharmaceutical distributor in Yemen providing customers and patients with high quality medicines and implementing the most advanced and innovative management and marketing techniques.

To be the leader in pharmaceutical business in Yemen in providing high standards of service, products and reliability, as well as competitive prices to satisfy patients, HCPs, customers and authorities.